Kinderhilfe Afghanistan
ISU to Build a School in Afghanistan

In celebration of our ten-year anniversary on Saturday, April 25, 2015, it was quite an honor to have Dr. Reinhard Erös, the director of Kinderhilfe Afghanistan, as one of our featured presenters.

Dr. Erös has spent many years building and staffing schools as well as medical clinics in war torn Afghanistan. Over the last fifteen years, his work has positively impacted the lives of countless young Afghanis, enabling many thousands of students who otherwise would not have had access to a school receive an education that will benefit them for a lifetime.

In honor of Dr. Erös work, the ISU Board of Directors and the ISU school community have pledged to raise and donate 50,000€., which would allow Kinderhilfe Afghanistan to build, staff, and operate a school for one year. ISU is also committed to helping raise the funds to keep the school operational into the future.

We have received substantial pledges over the past several weeks, but we have not yet met our goal. We hope that you will take a few moments to view the links located in the right sidebar of this page about the work of Dr. Erös and Kinderhilfe Afghanistan. We greatly appreciate your much needed donations and your help to support this great work. Dr. Erös has not received any support from governmental agencies, but instead has supported this work from his private funds and from money that he has been able to raise through donations.

Donations of any size are welcome, and if you would like to donate to support this important community project and outreach, please contact the ISU business manager, Thomas Wanner. A donation receipt (Spendenquittung) will be available.

We are very excited about this project, which supports our School Mission, Guiding Philosophies, and our dedication to global citizenship. We thank you for your generous support!


Rob DeWolf


Thank you for your much needed donations. Donations can be made to:

  • Bank: HypoVereinsbank Konstanz
  • IBAN: DE29 6902 0190 0352 2538 63

Dr. Reinhard Erös

Dr. Reinhard ErosA medical doctor and former Colonel in the German army, Dr. Erös has dedicated his life to helping the children of Eastern Afghanistan. Since 1998, he has been the director of Kinderhilfe Afghanistan, a nonprofit organization that builds and runs local schools, orphanages, and medical centers. His organization now operates more than fifteen schools as well as medical clinics and hospitals. Dr. Erös is the author of "Tee mit dem Teufel - Als deutscher Militärarzt in Afghanistan" (2002) and "Unter Taliban, Warlords und Drogenbaronen - eine deutsche Familie kämpft für Afghanistan" (2008).

Important Information

We invite you to read these articles written by Dr. Reinhard Erös at your convenience.