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Welcome to the ISU Library

The library of ISU is a welcoming place that serves the whole school community from EYP1 through Grade 12, their parents, and all ISU staff. Our library is conducted by a diploma-librarian who receives support from volunteering parents. We are always happy to welcome you here!

Library Resources

The library houses about 8000 items including junior and senior fiction and non-fiction books, reference books, teacher resources, early readers, picture books, DVDs, CDs, CD-ROMs, and several subscripted magazines and newspapers.

The Encyclopedia Britannica is available as an excellent resource which is continuously updated. The user ID to access the site is available in the school library and on the secure Parent Information page of our website.

Our web-based library system, called Follett Destiny Library Manager, offers an easy and very comfortable access to our catalog from each laptop at school and even from home. The system additionally includes a very useful search engine called Webpath Express, which offers access to thousands of relevant, grade-appropriate, and updated Internet sites for students and teachers.

When accessing our online catalog from school, please use the Catalog/School link, since that provides faster access and frees up Internet bandwidth at school. Outside the building, only the Catalog/Home link is accessible.

Library Services

An inviting area of our library is the separated multi-media and reading room, where reading out sessions, author readings, and other events regularly take place. There, students can relax and study in a comfortable reading area.

Students from PYP come to the library once or twice a week with their homeroom teachers. They may also visit at the end of the school day with their parents, and we encourage parents to check out material.

We welcome our older students to use the library as a learning, studying, or reading area at any time they are not scheduled elsewhere.

The library is open during the school hours.

Library Mission

The mission of our library is:

  • to support, implement, and enhance the curricula of all lessons which are taught in grades EYP1 through 12;
  • to improve the reading abilities of our students;
  • to provide material to all taught UOIs;
  • to promote information literacy and problem-solving skills through a big range of different kinds of resources;
  • to serve a wide range of material which reflects and supports our international and multi-cultural community;
  • to assist our staff in order to develop professionally with appropriate teacher resources;
  • to support the affinity of reading and learning for the whole life.

Library Links