Middle School

Curriculum (Grade 6 - 8)

Learning Opportunities

ISU champions the idea that each person is unique, and that young people in Middle School, grades 6–8, go through a transition phase, which requires a particular focus on the program offered. ISU provides learning opportunities that cater to individual growth in all areas of human development.


Develop Talents

ISU provides a learning environment that enables each student to develop his/her talents and faculties in a comprehensive manner. Young people need to feel that their contributions are relevant, useful, and needed in a wider community.


Developing Awareness

ISU is committed to developing awareness for one’s own culture but also to provide multi-faceted experiences in interaction with people of a different background. This enables learning partners to reflect their own position and fosters understanding of the values of others.


Students study the following subjects. German Language (A/B), English Language, Mathematics Science, Visual Art Geography, History Music/Drama, French Language Spanish Language, Information Communication Technology Physical Education,  English as an Additional Language.


Grade 6-8

Students at ISU have the opportunity to study a balanced international curriculum that develops knowledge and skills based on the foundation of the International Baccalaureate programmes. The middle school curriculum forms the foundation for study of the International GCSE examinations and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.


The middle school curriculum provides opportunities to develop understanding of new content, makes connections with previously learned material, develops connections to new material with increased difficulty connected to cognitive development.






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