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Please see the following links for updated measures:

Regulations in Bavaria

Regulations in Baden-Württemberg

Regulations for schools in Bavaria

Regulations in Kindergartens


(These websites are in German - however, to translate them into English, please click on your mouse (right hand side) and choose 'Translate into English' in the little menu that opens.)

School Calendar 2023/24
Calendar 2023_24.pdf
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ISU Bell Schedule
Bell schedule.pdf
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Early Morning Care (EMC)

Early Morning Care takes place from 7:00 to 8:00 every morning starting on 22 August 2023.

In order to sign up your child(ren) please use the intended form.

Form - EMC
Early Morning Care.pdf
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Information - After School Care
ASC Letter to Parents.pdf
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Lower School Morning Care, Arrival, Dismissal & After School Care Procedures
LS Morning Care, Arrival, Dismissal & Af
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Catering Service

School Catering starts from 18 August 2022. You can choose from two daily dishes (vegetarian/non-vegetarian), salad bar or just a side dish. We also offer big and small portions. If you sign up EY students, please note that the school orders for you - however, parents need to cancel themselves in case the meal is not needed on certain days.

Registration i-Net-Menue_english
Registration i-NET-Menue_englisch.pdf
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Registration i-Net-Menue_german
Anmeldung i-NET-Menue_deutsch.pdf
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i-Net Menue EY 1 - EY 3
i-NET-Menue_EY1-3 lunch 2023-24.pdf
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Measles Vaccination

Germany introduced new legislation in early 2020 regarding mandatory vaccinations for all school children and those that work in schools. ISU must follow the new immunization requirements because of the passing of parargaph 20 article 9 of the German Infection Protection Law (IfSG). Students at ISU must have two doses of MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine. 

Proof of these vacciantions has been part of the ISU's admission requirement since 1 March 2020. Please contact your family doctor if your child needs these vaccinations.


Please use this form and submit it to the front office before starting school.
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Parent-Student Handbook
Parent-Student Handbook (updated June 20
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Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct.pdf
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Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy
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Information for Families Whose Children Start in EYP1

Welcome Picnic
Welcome Picnic.pdf
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Supply List
EY1 Clothing Supply.pdf
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Transition EY1
EY1 Transition 23-24.pdf
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Communication, Events & Celebrations
EY1 Communication, Events and Celebratio
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EY1 Playgroup.pdf
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Information for Families Whose Children Start in EYP2 and EYP3

Transition Schedule
EY 2 & 3 Transition Schedule 2023-24.pdf
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Supply List EY3
Supply List 2023-24 EY3.pdf
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Supply List EY2
Supply List 2023-24 EY 2.pdf
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Information for Families Whose Children Start in Grade 1

Information about the first day of school for Grade 1
First day - Grade 1.pdf
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Information for Families Whose Children Start in Grades 1-5

Supply List Grades 1 - 5
Grades 1-5 Supply List 2023-2024.pdf
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Information for Families Whose Children Start in Grades 6-12

The following link is for Middle/Upper School Students to help log in to the new ISU email:

Introduction to your G Suite Account

New Student Orientation
New Student Orientation 2023_24.pdf
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Information for Families Whose Children Start in Grades 8-10

Subject Choices

Please click on the link on the right hand side in order to submit the document

Information for Families Whose Children Start in Grade 11

Subject Choice meetings to be held with our College Counsellor, Mrs. Annemiek Bailey.
Please contact her:

IB Book List
Book List for IB Students Starting Augus
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